With the E Mail Manager, in–built in the Hepsia Site Control Panel you will be able to quickly and efficiently handle your e–mail accounts, regardless of the number of websites you have got. It’s easy to sort mailboxes, trigger anti–spam, set up email forwarding with just a mouse–click and create filters for use on your mailboxes. As a result of Ksport INC’s auto–configure scripts, it will be easier to effortlessly set up your mail client to operate with just about any mailbox of yours. And the latter is only a tiny part of what the E Mail Manager can help you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam is going to be kept out of one’s mail accounts

We have made a customizable anti–spam solution that makes use of properly configured methods to filter the newly arriving messages. According to what type of spam messages you get, you can regulate the amount of defense. However, be mindful when using the higher level of protection, given it might possibly filter valuable messages. You might also specify a different level of spam defense for each and every mailbox you have.

All of the trash messages could be either removed or forwarded to a pre–selected mailbox. You’re able to select which activity you prefer with the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

Redirect emails with merely a click of the mouse

Email forwarding is one of the most used tools in the E Mail Manager so we have done our very best so, it will be as simple as possible. What you need to achieve is simply opt for the email account that you want to use and define the mailbox in which you need the incoming messages to get forwarded to.

In addition, you can select if the forwarded mailbox also needs to store the emails, or if they need to be deleted after being forwarded.

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Email Filters

Arrange your mailboxes easily

When you get a lot of e–mails everyday, it’s crucial that you keep them organized. This is why we offer server–side electronic mail filters which come into action well before you look at the mailbox for newly–arrived messages. Consequently, if you create your customized spam filters, you’ll never discover spam inside your mailbox!

Setting up brand new email filters is really straightforward. You should designate what the filter has to seek out, the place that the filter actively seeks it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what happens to the filtered e–mail messages.

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Email Protection

Email security using DomainKeys and SPF records

We’ve provided a collection of software tools inside your Site Control Panel that are going to secure your mailbox from getting used for spam functions without your knowledge. We have DomainKeys active for virtually all mailboxes automatically. The service compares the sender’s web address with the e–mail message to warrant that the sent message was really sent by that address.

We’ve furthermore provided SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection – a service, that helps to protect all of the e–mail accounts from spammers that make use of your email address to send out e–mail spam on seemingly your behalf.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Speedy PC email setup

From the auto–configure option of the E Mail Manager, you can configure e–mail accounts on your preferred desktop e–mail client with simply a a click of the mouse. Simply click on the symbol belonging to the e–mail client that you want to employ for the selected mailbox and download the auto–configuration file. This will automatically create your inbox inside your favorite desktop client.

We have added settings files for just about the most well–liked email clients – Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail.

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Check your mailbox from anywhere

Using webmail, it is possible to browse through your email messages from any desktop machine or a notebook, anywhere in the world. Everything is completed by a web browser, and there is no need to have any kind of mail client set up within your system. Just use the web site that we give you to log into your email account from any web–connected gadget.

You can also sign in to your e–mail account with just a click of the mouse from the Webmail section of your Site Control Panel. Just select a mailbox and then click on the webmail client icon to gain access to it. It is not necessary to type in any email login information.

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